Black Phoenix products can be purchased online or at our retail store during our Full Moon Lunacyevents.

The Salon: Traveling Exhibition Collection, as well as a selection of our general catalog scents, can be purchased at the following stores:


Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA

Dark Delicacies, in Burbank, CA, carries a scent that we made for their store — appropriately named “Dark Delicacies,” as well as exclusive series such as The Northanger Abbey Novels, The Summer Blockbuster Series and Great Duets.

Dark Delicacies
3512 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
Google map.

DD is a fantastic dark bookshop, and has the most wonderful selection of horror, sci fi, and fantasy books, DVD’s, CD’s, and collectibles imaginable… AND it is owned and operated by two truly wonderful people. They have ongoing signings by authors, actors, composers, and artists in the genre, and have an ass-kicking monthly book delivery program. Click here for current info on signings and other DD events!

Healthy Living Market in South Burlington, VT

Healthy Living Market
222 Dorset Street
South Burlington VT 05403
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Healthy Living is a wild and wonderful synergistic melting pot of amazing products, 150 fabulous employees, and is independently owned by one woman and her two brave kids… all under the roof of one incredibly beautiful facility. Healthy Living is a fantastic shop, and we’re thrilled to be working with them!

Mütter Musuem in Philadelphia, PA

Ü and Victorian Garden are available exclusively at:

Mütter Musuem
19 South Twenty-Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Google map.
(215) 563-3737

Loved to Death in San Francisco, CA

Loved to Death
1681 Haight Street
San Francisco, California
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(415) 551-1036